Project Overview:

Our client is innovative and operates in AI and corporations' digitalisation by empowering businesses with real-time AI data processing. Their goal is to provide businesses with meaningful AI. The company's approach to the E2E AI product applies to all areas of business. 

We are looking for a talented and qualified senior .Net developer to become part of the awesome SQUAD group for product development. 

Олена Сєрокурова
  • Work with a cross-functional development team to design, implement, test, and deliver high-quality features;
  • Implement new features, evolve existing ones, and fix bugs, with quality code;
  • Deliver performant, testable, maintainable, and high-quality code on the back-end;
  • Communicate technical concepts to key stakeholders and other members of the business unit;
  • Collaborate with other engineers to deliver high-quality software on time;
  • Proceed with team planning, estimations, commitments, and backlog refinement;
  • Participate in post-release support and monitoring activities;
  • Able to create and present a technical vision;
  • Able to supervise a small team of software engineers;
  • Make design decisions on the component level;
  • Recommend process and architecture improvements.
  • 5+ years of related commercial experience;
  • Practical knowledge of AWS Cloud ecosystem (any additional cloud provider is an asset);
  • Solid knowledge of C#;
  • Extensive experience developing cloud-based solutions in .NET Core (preferably 3.x.x and newer);
  • Experience with web API's (REST, GraphQL most advantageous);
  • Experience with Kubernetes;
  • Previous experience with any of .NET-based CMS like Piranha, Sitecore, Umbraco, Squidex;
  • Experience, knowledge and understanding of server-less architecture on AWS cloud;
  • Experience in the development of microservice-based, distributed systems;
  • Practical knowledge of SQL database systems (SQL Server, Postgres) and proficiency with SQL language;
  • Experience with both Entity Framework Core and Dapper;
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge about Domain Driven Design, concepts, approaches and patterns;
  • Previous knowledge about MediatR and implementation of CQRS with this library;
  • Ability to test your code using xUnit;
  • Attention to detail, troubleshooting and communication skills;
  • Ability to come up with effective and efficient ways of implementing business requirements together with your teammates. 


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