Project Overview:

Therefore a custom webpage was created that allows the user to use a custom developed query logic that uses a mixture of Elasticsearch and MapR-DB.
Also Postgres is used to store some information about what the user might want to save for his work with the data querying tool.
With this the second part of the app allows the analysis of driven test drives called sessions.

In there you can take a look at a video, a timeline of marked events and the signals for the autonomous cars.

Дарія Циплакова
  • Solid Angular knowledge (version 10 or higher), 1+ year of experience in the development of single-page applications in Angular;
  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript;
  • Solid knowledge of HTML5, CSS, SASS / SCSS;
  • Basic knowledge of RxJS;
  • Experience with unit testing using Karma, Jasmine, and e2e tests (Cypress);
  • Experience and knowledge of GIT;
  • Experience with package manager npm/yarn;
  • Experience with WebSocket;
  • Skilled in RESTful Web APIs design;
  • Basic knowledge about node.js, setup a webserver;
  • Has worked in a team of at least 5 people before;
  • Strong written and verbal communication;
  • Self-organized and proactive way of working.
Nice to have:
  • Maven and basic Java knowledge;
  • Relational Database understanding;
  • Basic Big Data understanding;
  • Three.js (Visualization in FE with WebGL);
  • Basic Docker and Kubernetes knowledge.

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