Project Overview:

The customer is a fast-growing business in e-learning area, marketed in Western Europe and United States. The core of the business is a set of intelligent software solutions that facilitate learning languages and other dictionary-based disciplines via combining the proven scientific findings with cutting edge technology. The uniqueness of innovative products and services puts the business into a group of true global pioneers in e-learning.

The customer team consists of talented people, who are passionate of their work and believe that every job must first of all be a fun to the person doing it. From engineers to CEO, everybody is fully open and is closely involved into products engineering and collaboration with development team on the daily basis.

The product currently under development is a brand-new cloud-based learning service, developed iteratively in an Agile manner. It's architecture consists of a highly scalable backend (NoSQL storage with RESTful API) and several front-office / back-office UI: web, desktop and mobile (native iOS, Android and WP8 applications). The primary goals of the platform are the extreme performance and high availability, achieved using a horizontally scalable, redundant architecture with totally friendly and interactive user interfaces.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for an IOS developer that is passionate about engineering of modern, highly dynamic and user-friendly application. You will be working as a part of the fully Agile dev. team as well as with the product owner and stakeholders from in-house group. You must like and have fun from working in a product-oriented environment, be interested in a product as a whole, be dedicated in producing the globally leading solution. You should be a fan of the cutting edge technologies, their learning and having willingness to implement the matching ones in practice, have a well-developed software engineering culture. One of your responsibilities will be to produce the code of the perfect quality and guide the rest of the team in this activity. You should aspire to work in a truly agile manner, using Scrum and majority of XP practices, seeking all opportunities to improve your personal and your team's craftsmanship.

Technology Stack: Swift, Swift UI, iOS SDK, Objective-C, SQL;

Methodology: Scrum, Kanban.

Дмитро Поляков
  • Proficient with Swift UI and iOS SDK;
  • Good knowledge of Objective-C and it principles. Ability to support Objective-C code;
  • Required knowledge of right design principles like SOLID, design patterns and MVP. Understanding of what is good code style. Ability to refactor bad code;
  • Experienced in multi-threading;
  • Experienced in memory management;
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to back-end services;
  • Good knowledge of UI/UX standards, understanding of Apple's design principles and interface guidelines to implement new UI design;
  • Possesses good knowledge of Xcode, Instruments;
  • Familiarity with APNS;
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, specifically - Git;
  • Familiarity with continuous integration, Build distribution;
  • Availability to converse with product owner and clarify requirements if needed;
  • Minimum 3+ years experience in iOS development.
Nice to have:
  • Familiarity with A/B testing, analytic systems and data analysis;
  • Real wish to learn and provide multiplatform solutions into the project. Basic knowledge of Kotlin and ktor library. Ability to work in Android studio with Kotlin;
  • Higher Education: Bachelor's Degree/Master's Degree.

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